Innovative casing fill-up tool, which enables continuous filling during make-up and running of casing and liners. Proven to increase efficiency of casing running significantly on fixed and floating drilling rigs. Easily installed to the DDM Saver-sub in the matter of minutes.
Innovative tool for efficient fill-up of drill pipe while tripping. Saves time and “allows air to escape” while filling the drill pipe, reducing spill on rig floor. Can easily be installed by one person.
Innovative product representing the next generation centralizers. Run in hole slick on liner or casing reduced friction. Pre-installed forces ensuring 100% stand-off release prior to cementing. Applicable for all casing and liner sizes.
Innovative product combining the KellyCock and IBOP into one valve. Withstands pressure from below and can be pumped through from top “allowing” quicker response in case of a well control situation. Easily installed by one person.
Smart Innovation(s)
We are working on several innovative product developments which make drilling operations more effective and improve safety and environmental standards.